Igor Fokin Photo Gallery
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igor and cast Igor and the whole cast. He always had a smile. Classic Igor smirk!
cast color A beautiful color photo of The Wooden Horse Puppets.
doo doo Doo-Doo. (Think of a deep-voiced Russian saying "Toot-toot.") Igor's favorite character. Doo-doo would dance, sit in your lap and play his flute nose. He came out twice in the show.
witch The Witch. This was one of Igor's latest additions to his show. She came out first and swept the stage.
satchmo Satchmo. Igor's rendition of Louis Armstrong. Complete with trumpet, tapping foot, and handkerchief to wipe his brow. Igor carved this having only seen photos of Armstrong from album covers.
3 musicians Igor's three musicians. L to R, Egor on concertina, Petrosha on guitar, and Yasha on violin. Igor said he wanted to do a song using all three of these puppets at once- but he only had two hands.
igor show Igor performing across from the Brattle Theater (not his popular spot, but he did well everywhere he went!) probably in 1994 or 1995.
old studio Photo from Igor's photo album which he put out at shows for people to look at. This was taken in St. Petersburg in his studio.
old theater A close-up of Igor's puppet theater in St.Petersburg. This was probably taken in early 1993, just before coming to America. Notice how clean and new the puppets look!
street in russia Photo from Igor's photo album. Street performing in St. Petersburg.
workshop Igor at work actually building his puppets. Notice a naked 'Petrosha', 'Egor', and 'Yasha' hanging behind him on the wall.
vigil For 7 days and nights following Igor's death, there was a vigil on the spot where Igor last worked. (Brattle Square in Cambridge.) Literally thousands of people stopped by to remember, bring flowers, light a candle and contribute to his family. This is the corner where the memorial will be installed.
Photo: Jennifer Thompson
flowers September 21, 1996. This is where the vigil began.
Photo: Jennifer Thompson
C.S. Monitor September 25, 1996. This photo (along with an article) ran in the Christian Science Monitor four days after Igor's death. The article was a really nice profile on Igor and was scheduled to run that day, even before he died. The article never mentions his death, except for a footnote that says "Three days after the interview for this article, Mr. Fokin passed on." This photo was taken at the interview and was probably the last picture Igor ever posed for with the full troupe.
Photo: Robert Harbison

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